Where we work

Wasso Hospital is the district designated hospital of Ngorongoro district which measures 14,036 km2. Ngorongoro is the most isolated district of the Arusha Region. Just south of the Ngorongoro Crater, the district is bordered with Karatu district. In the west it is bordered with Serengeti National park, in the north with Kenya and in the east with (the salty) Lake Natron in the Rift Valley. Administratively the district is divided into 3 divisions, 14 wards and 37 registered villages.

Wasso hospital is located in the so called Rift Area, 20 km from the Kenyan border at an altitude of 2,005 meters; in between the Serengeti steppe in the west and the Rift escarpment / mountain ranges in the east. Wasso is located 6 km south of the district headquarters Loliondo.

Wasso Hospital, Ngorongoro's District Hospital

Wasso Hospital Catchment Area describes the area where we are supposed to provide a health care to. According to government resolution, our catchment area consists of 30,002 people in 2008 (supposed to reflect a part of the Orgosorok Ward). In reality Wasso Hospital is the leading service provider in a much larger area, which we call Service Area. This consists of the Loliondo and Sale Divisions and a large area in Kenya. The significant health care facilities in our district are Endulen Hospital, Loliondo Health Center and Arash, Digodigo and Malambo Dispensary.