Our Location

Wasso Hospital is situated in WASSO village,about 8 km from Loliondo,the district headquarter, It is located in North Tanzania in Ngorongoro District between the Serengeti wildlife ecosystem and the lake Natron the home of flamingos and Oldonyo lengai (means the mountain of God) the volcanic active mountain at the altitude of about 2000 meters. 
The area is primarily semiarid, comprising steppe, acacia shrub with riverine woodland and forest with a tropical climate. Most of the year is dry with a short and a long rainy season providing pastures for numerous wild animals and livestock. the low rainfall in most of the areas is insufficient for agriculture.
The majority of the population (85%) are pastoral Maasai people who lead a semi-nomadic life. The Maasai live in their traditional life homesteads, bomas, in family units of 20 to 60 people with distances of commonly 20 to 50 km apart. About 12% of the population are Batemi (sonjo) whose mainstay of economy is agriculture based on traditional irrigation system developed over the years in the fertile Sonjo valley.