Our History

Wasso Hospital was started as a mission Hospital by the late Austrian Catholic Priest and Medical Doctor Herbert Watschinger on the  2.september 1964.  He pitch tent for 27 years on this alien terrain among the Maasai and Ba-Temi (Sonjo is derogatory, locally, a staple legume) He mobilized  resources in Austria, established the two hospitals, Wasso Hospital, Endulen Hospital and a dispensary (Digodigo Dispensary) and flying medical services wing. He persevered with heartily joy and peace of mind, to build, develop and run it all against extreme all round but foremost physical odds. His configuration of will power and patience, creativity and utmost devotion planted in our land an inheritance of super quality infrastructure, coupled with exemplary performance and efficacy. That, he did, donated the best 27 years of his life- to the life time last itself, to an alien countryside and its people, which and whom he came to love.
His priority was not to preach, but devotion to practical philanthropic action. That principal call and preoccupation, eventually translated into an invaluable legacy which stands out tall in our history and health in this land with its splendig and challenging socio-ecological environment. The facilities package and emanating service activities, like Dr, Watschinger, have defied severe odds to constitute to this very day the backbone of the health care in our community. 
He did all he can to undertake all efforts to contribute towards a better health status of the people in the area by improving  the quality of the health services and by making them easier accessible, acceptable and affordable.
In order to achieve this vision, Wasso hospital will facilitate the provision of equitable,quality and affordable basic health services which are gender sensitive,and sustainable, delivered for the achievement of improved health status.
Since 1995 Wasso hospital functions as the Designated Hospital for Ngorongoro District  providing curative, preventive and pro motive services. The designation became effective based on an agreement between the church, namely the Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha as the legal owner, and the Tanzania Government represented by the Ministry of Health. The hospital receives since then Government grants for staff, drugs and other activities, covering a part of the current expenditure.