Research, Reviews and Guidelines

Pubmed Largest database of publicized research articles
Cochrane Library
Most esteemed organization for Meta-analysis
New England Journal of Medicine
Esteemed Journal for Internal Medicine
British Medical Journal / Highly recommended journal
A peer reviewed open access journal

Pharmaceutical information Sites

British National Formulary
Great site for finding proper dosages. They have a sub site for pediatric dosages. You need to register yourself, but this is free!
RxList Internet database for medicines

Disease Information Sites

The American Center for Disease Control en prevention is a government website about infectious diseases worldwide
Illustrated Lecture notes Trop. Med
Great site with very extended information about almost all tropical diseases
eMedicine @ Medscape
eMedicine is an large encyclopedia. You have to register but this is free. Without registering you can also access the sites if you searched via for example HON
WHO - Health Topics
Summery of Health Topics by WHO
Merck Manual
Great Encyclopedia for many conditions
Wikipedia - Medicine portal
Wikipedia is a very large online encyclopedia with many medical pages. Note that also non specialist are making contributions to this site.

Specialist Portals

Wheeles Textbook
Textbook for orthopedic problems
Gray Anatomy
Anatomical pictures
Lumen If you want to improve your anatomy knowledge
Muscle Atlas
If you want to improve your anatomy knowledge about muscles

Search Sites

Sumsearch Search in Wikipedia, Pubmed and National Guideline Clearinghouse at the same time A very nice Medical search engine
HON Health On the Net: a google like search engine but only searches on medical sites
The well known search engine, but not specifically for medical topics

Online Collaboration

Telemedicine Share difficult cases with your peers and consultants online

Wasso-Hospital member links